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Portfolio / All About Trans

Rarebright delivered a fresh, redesigned website with a new, easier interface for All About Trans.

We worked with On Road to redesign their All About Trans website. We built on the established visual brand to deliver a refreshed and more user-focused website.

All About Trans is a project that looks for creative ways to encourage greater understanding between trans people and media professionals to support better, more sensitive representation in the UK media.

The primary aim of the design project was to realign the site as a resource for trans people and media professionals. To achieve this it was essential to make it easier to browse and search for relevant articles, videos and podcasts. The old site separated content by project - we introduced categories that cut across all projects and created a Browse page that gives visitors an easy overview of the broad range of topics covered by the site.

Of course, it works on and adapts to all screen sizes.

It’s really brilliant – thanks so much for all your work on it. We’re really pleased. It’s much fresher, clearer, intuitive, better navigation and all round better qualities and look.

Alana Avery, On Road