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Portfolio / Ben Langdon Photography

We designed a website that showcases Ben's varied photographic work. The simplicity and clarity of the design means the photos can shine.

We’ve worked with Ben since he first started his photography business in 2006. We designed and built him a website that cleanly promotes the breadth of his photography business: from overseas charity storygathering to weddings and corporate events. The website is all about showcasing his work - a simple and clear design allows Ben’s photos to shine.

The Ben Langdon Photography website integrates with the Ben’s Photoshelter account so he can store all his images, share them with clients and promote work. The integration is seamless so visitors can easily browse the full catalogue.

Most recently we also built a WordPress blog section to the site to leverage the search engine optimisation value of varied and regularly updated content.

Ben is much more than a web designer and has a rare combination of creativity and technical know how. He has loads of ideas and is a pleasure to work with.

Ben Langdon