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Portfolio / Mile 91

We worked with Mile 91, a bespoke story gathering team for charities, to create a visual brand identity and new WordPress-powered website.

Mile 91 are a new startup business offering a unique bespoke story gathering team for charities and changemakers. Having worked with Rarebright previously, the two founders were keen for us to help with creating a brand, logo and visual identity and a new website with which to launch their new venture.

We worked from initial logo concepts through a few rounds of revisions to produce a logo that will stand effectively alongside their impressive roster of client organisations. We also devised a colour palette that is bright with a professional edge.

The website was built in WordPress and as with all our latest work is coded responsively so that users on any device get an easy experience of browsing the site, reading client case studies and making contact with the Mile 91 team. WordPress allows the client to update any part of the website as well as publishing new blog posts.

If you’re interested in engaging Rarebright to help with your visual brand identity or web design, please get in touch today.

Rarebright worked with Mile 91 to develop our branding and to design and build our website. We came to them with a blank sheet of paper and they had the tricky task of working with Catherine, who isn’t quite sure what she likes and only knows what she doesn’t like when she see it, and with Ben who is a photographer with a very keen eye for visual creativity. Despite this, Rarebright came up with an eye-catching and vibrant look and feel for Mile 91 that we think perfectly captures the creativity and vibrancy of what we do. They have also built a website that looks great on whatever device it’s viewed on, is easy for users to navigate and even easier for us to keep updated. Perfect! We would definitely recommend Rarebright.

Catherine Raynor, Mile 91