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Portfolio / StockYoyo

We worked with the founders of investing website, StockYoyo, to create a visual brand and a powerful user interface that set their disruptive startup apart.

StockYoyo was a stock-market prediction platform that used game mechanics to level the playing field for private investors. The founders engaged Rarebright to develop a brand and look and feel for the company and design a user interface that engaged with their target audience.

Building on existing logo concepts we created a bold new brand identity that encompassed a strong new logo and a vibrant colour scheme. In the highly corporate investment market StockYoyo wanted to position itself as a different approach - the visual brand reflects this desire.

Rarebright also crafted the interface for StockYoyo’s web application. The website allows players to predict the performance of a company’s shares. Accurate predictions are rewarded with ranks and badges so we designed a range of collectible badges for players to track down.