Rarebright is now Nice Work Digital
We're keeping this very out-of-date Rarebright website going until we have time to make the new Nice Work Digital one! Come and see us over there soon: niceworkdigital.co.uk

Working with us / Pricing

Our thoughts on the value of good web design.

We are not the cheapest web design company you’ll find and we don’t aspire to be - but we’re certainly not the most expensive either. Design should offer value for money. We firmly believe that good design is a great investment that delivers returns for your organisation. Rarebright’s design work positions our clients as authoritative quality leaders in their markets. The websites we build deliver an exceptional experience for customers.

We believe in being fair and transparent about the work required to create high-quality websites - if we price our services too low we can’t deliver the quality of work your venture deserves. We pride ourselves on quality and creating everything ‘in house’. We offer real value for money - not only do you get the best, responsive design, you also get clear communication and friendly service as part of the package. We’re a registered limited company based in the UK and we’re always happy to meet in person or on the phone.

What you pay will vary depending on what you want, so it’s best to drop us an email. We’re always happy to look through your requirements and we guarantee a prompt response. We welcome queries from anyone and everyone so get in touch today.

If you have questions or would like to discuss how we can help with your project, please fill in our project enquiry form and let's have a chat.