Rarebright is now Nice Work Digital
We're keeping this very out-of-date Rarebright website going until we have time to make the new Nice Work Digital one! Come and see us over there soon: niceworkdigital.co.uk

Working with us / Web design

Here at Rarebright, web design is our speciality. We design and build websites from scratch. We implement responsive design techniques that mean your new website will look perfect and work beautifully not just on desktop computers but on the iPad, iPhone and other web devices.

Discover the Rarebright service

We've developed an approach to building effective websites that is a combination of research, planning, creative design skills and custom technical development. This process leads to great results. We fairly price our design work to offer a good deal. It's often best to get in touch when we'll be happy to go through all the options with you. If you have any questions, big or small, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How we approach our web projects

  • Research

    The best projects are based on a bedrock of good market research and competitor analysis. For a website project, that requires us to understand your business, your customers and your values. We also work to understand the market in which you operate and what your competitors are doing well and doing wrong.

  • Content strategy

    We share our own experience of information architecture, in other words what content you should include and what you're safe to leave out. We work from a blank slate to assess where each piece of content should sit within the site, how visitors should be able to navigate the content and how to effectively label each section. This process ends with a site map that we all agree on that informs layout and design decisions.

  • Concept design

    Building around your content we devise early concepts of visual styles, typography and colours that are compatible with any existing branding or logo you may have.

    Rather than design pages we first try to capture the feel of different design options in 'style-tiles'. This allows us to quickly create differing options that trigger discussion and feedback from all parties. From there we finesse towards a finished visual style that we can apply to page designs in Photoshop.

  • Custom development

    We're always happy to help with extra functionality. Past developments include: custom contact forms, CV uploading, an availability calendar, eCommerce, social media integration, online payments and full content management.

    We're also happy to suggest and develop useful functionality you may not have thought of.

  • Pages & code

    Whilst Photoshop is great for exploring visual concepts we like to get an early version of the website up and running as soon as possible. It helps to experience the website in the browser and be able to click around - this means issues are discovered sooner and ironed out quicker. Of course, we'll only make it public when it's ready.

    We spend time devising page titles that balance usability with search engine optimisation. Our code is always appealing to Google and friends.

  • Testing

    Before we put your site live we test it across a range of browsers and devices including the popular Apple iPhone and iPad, Android tablet and smartphone. Our responsive design approach ensures your site looks elegant and works beautifully on mobile devices meaning your customers can access your site wherever they are.

  • Launch

    Once we're ready to go live we push the correct buttons and ensure the site is ready for its public. We include Google Analytics and site maps that ensure your pages are appearing in search engines as soon as possible and that you can keep track how your visitors are using your website.

  • Post-launch services

    If you'd like to plan ahead for maintenance and future development, we can put into place post-launch management agreements between us and you. Or, if you prefer, you can just get in touch if and when you want to get started on extending your website.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help with your upcoming design project, please fill in our project enquiry form and let's have a chat.

Managing your own content

We're always happy to develop websites that allow you to update your own content. We use a variety of content management systems to achieve this and we're always happy to advise on which is the right choice for your website.

  • CraftCMS


  • Shopify


  • Statamic


  • ExpressionEngine


  • WordPress